How to Participate

How does an institution participate in the Electronic Campus?
The institution must be regionally accredited, not-for-profit and charted in one of the 16 SREB states. Each institution appoints an Electronic Campus Institutional Coordinator, who serves as the central point of contact for all activities associated with managing the Electronic Campus website.

How does an Institutional Coordinator get an account?
Complete the form “Request Access to IDE” to obtain account information, and gain access to the online documentation related to the Institutional Data Entry (IDE) website. Be sure to include: your name, title, institution name, mailing address, phone, fax and email address.

What is the Approval Process?

How do I get started?
Once an account has been created, you will revive a series of email from SREB EC staff containing instructions and forms related to the process.

What are the Course and Program Nomination forms?
These forms help ensure good practices and program quality. Each time an institution adds a course or program, the Institutional Coordinator completes the Course and Program Nomination forms and forwards them to the college or university representative, who certifies that the institution meets the Principles of Good Practice and Common Standards and that the institution is ready to participate in the EC. Next, the Institutional Coordinators sends the form to the EC State Partner (, who verifies the institution is authorized to offer the courses and programs in an online or blended delivery method. Once the EC State Partner signs the Course and/or Program Nomination form, their staff sends it to the EC staff at SREB. The State Partner also notifies the Institutional Coordinator, to begin entry of the course and/or program, using the web-interface.

What is the Transitional Page?
The Transitional Page resides on the institution’s server and greets students when they transfer from EC to the college or university website. This page must contain some mention of the Electronic Campus. It can be text, link, or logo and located anywhere on the page. In order to effectively brand and promote the site, we ask that all wording now refer to the Electronic Campus, the Southern Regional Education Board’s Electronic Campus or SREB's Electronic Campus.

Please remove all references to SREC, Electronic Campus of the SREB, WaysInMentor, WIM or simply Southern Regional Education Board or SREB, on transitional page sites with the Electronic Campus. Additional transitional page information can be found at

When are courses and programs available for student searching?
The course and/or program information entered is placed in a database file not available to the public and is reviewed by EC staff. EC staff verifies that the course and/or program has been approved by the State Coordinator, that the entry is accurate, and that it has no visible errors, abbreviations or misspellings. If the course meets EC requirements, the status is changed by EC staff to Enabled (viewable). If edits are needed to the entry, EC staff will contact the Institutional Coordinator. Courses and programs are reviewed by the order they are entered.

Ready to enter courses and programs?
As you begin the process, you can send questions to, and EC staff will be back in touch with you to answer questions.

Where can I get information on SREB’s Electronic Campus Regional Reciprocity Agreement (SECRRA)?
You can find information at

Where can I get information on State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (SARA)?
You can find SARA information at, and